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Unique styled watches from Sweden

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TRIWA is an acronym for Transforming the Industry of Watches. Our goal is to promote the ethos of attitude and individuality in the traditional world of watches and accessories.

We are deadly serious about being playful and unpretentious and we don’t mind being provocative in a creative, uplifting way.

Each piece that leaves Stockholm is created with the commitment to bring you products that reflects individual style and personality. It always makes us happy to see stylish, smart and colorful people wearing our products.

Watches have, for a long time, been associated with status and tradition. At TRIWA, an acronym for Transforming the Industry of Watches, we want to use the symbolic value and placement of the watch for something more relevant and create modern statement symbols instead of traditional status symbols.

By designing watches with stories that transcend style, trends and status we hope to highlight important issues of our time. We are aware that we are not saving the world by making watches, but we like to think of ourselves as norm challengers and innovators in an industry that needs transforming. It’s time for change.

We work with innovative materials, organizations and ambassadors that care about making the world a little better. We call this Time for Change.

Designed in our creative studio in Stockholm, our collection of watches is designed to last, start conversations and tell stories.

Welcome to the world of TRIWA.


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