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I’m a big fella, I’m sure you know the sort.  A guy who was in shape a few years back, lifted heavy shit for a while, but now just kinda fat.  My mates call me Fat Boy, a term of endearment, for which I have come to love.

Being a big unit, I struggle to find tops that fit me, that don’t look like they have come from Kmart or Grandad’s cupboard.  So I decided to find a decent line of tees, which go up to 5XL and then throw on some of my own designs.  The designs were a hit with those around me, so I decided to take it a little further.

In November 2020 I launched Fat Boy Fight, named after my good self of course, and my love of UFC, especially the heavyweights… the big boys!

Over the coming months the designs sold well, so I decided to do more and eventually had enough designs to fill a small website.  My designs are loosely based on MMA, combat sports and quite often, a large dose of humour.  I like to push the boundaries and see what I can get away with, which has definitely got me into trouble from time to time!

I then discovered a gap in the market for decent quality boxing / MMA hand wraps.  I wanted wraps which were designed here in Australia, but were made to the exacting standards of some of the worlds most well known brands.  I found a manufacturer overseas who made hand wraps for a number of brands, including Ringside & Venum.

After some considerable negotiation, trial and error, countless skype calls and consultation with boxers and fighters, I released the Fat Boy Fight Mexican style hand wraps!  These wraps are my pride and joy.  I am super proud of how they turned out and judging by the many 5 stars reviews they have received, I guess others are too.

Fast forward to now and here we are, Fat Boy Fight!

I love what I do, I love designing tees and I especially love working on custom designs for amatuer & proffesional fighters.  That could be walkout and fan inspired designs

Sing out if you have any questions, by using the contact page or hit me up on any of the socials!

Unless you are one of the following people:

  • You are complaining about one of my designs hurting you in your fart box
  • You are a Pakistani businessman wanting me to buy your fine goods
  • You are an Indian web designer who can put me on the first page of Google with one small fee

If you are one of the listed people please don’t even bother, just move yourself straight into your own bullshit (spam) bucket!

Oh…  You may notice I use many photos on the site which are “user generated content”.  This is a fancy term for real people wear the gear, they send me photos or tag me on social media and I use their pictures where possible on the site, instead of fancy mockups or models.

This is a way I can show everyone how the gear looks in the real world.  There is no editing, no brushwork, just 100% authentic shots.  The only downside is that sometimes the picture quality isn’t magnificent or what you might expect from Threadheads or Cotton-On, but I can’t compete with the resources of those companies.. Not yet anyway!



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