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Don’t be the next victim of a ransomware attack!

Cybersecurity starts with password security!

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Why more businesses choose Keeper

Best-in-Class Security

Keeper uses a proprietary zero-knowledge security architecture and is the most audited and certified product on the market. Keeper protects your business and client data with the privacy, security and confidentiality requirements of your industry.

Ease of Use

Keeper has an intuitive user interface for computers, smartphones and tablets that can be deployed rapidly with no upfront equipment or installation costs.

Ultimate Flexibility

Keeper’s configurable roles, role-based permissions and admin privileges align with your organizational structure and policies. Keeper scales for businesses of all sizes.

Secure Sharing of Credentials & Secrets

Keeper allows IT Admins to enable secure, granular and controlled sharing of credentials, secrets and vaults among employees and teams.

Robust Compliance and Reporting

Keeper can track, monitor and log hundreds of different event types to meet audit and compliance standards such as NIST, PCI DSS, SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, DPA, FINRA, GDPR and SOX.

Responsive Support

Business customers have access to 24/7 customer support and exclusive training from dedicated support specialists.


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