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LIVENow celebrates all things live. A show-stopping performance. The winning goal. A raucous punchline. Sweating! Learning something new.

Our live-streamed events are growing: sports, music, fitness, comedy, theatre, inspirational speakers and more.

We aim to be the most flexible provider of the amazing content so you can watch what you want when you want to.

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Sold By: Kazoik


How does LIVENow work?

Be part of the experience

Meet your heroes, send in your videos, take part in quizzes and competitions, chat with friends and other fans around the world. Get closer to the action than ever before with exclusive interactivity features only on LIVENow.

Available on all your favourite devices

Smart TV. Desktop. Laptop. Mobile. Tablet. Chromecast.
Watch at home or on the go!

Why LIVENow?

Don’t just take our word for it

It’s not just fans who back us! We’ve been featured in national and international publications across music, culture and tech

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