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What is OneGreatFamily?

OneGreatFamily is a cooperative effort between you and the rest of the world.  It is an online genealogical service which allows everyone to combine their knowledge and data to build one huge, shared database. OneGreatFamily is more than a simple collection of different family trees.  Using breakthrough technology, OneGreatFamily is actually linking all of the family trees together into one great family.

What this means to you:
With the world working together on one database, each individual is able to leverage the effort and research of all OneGreatFamily users rather than wasting time duplicating research that others have already done.

OneGreatFamily is All You Need

OneGreatFamily is also the most technologically-advanced online records management software tool. This means you can view, share, explore and extend your genealogy online at OneGreatFamily without needing to buy additional desktop software. (Average genealogy software is about $50.00)


“They say some day all the software we will ever use will be on the Internet rather than in our PC’s. This philosophy has just become a reality for the genealogical community., is the next step – possibly the ultimate step – in placing family trees on the Internet.” – Gary Mokotoff (Publisher of works on Genealogy)


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