Parrigai – Men’s Wallets

Quality and affordable Men’s Leather Wallets

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Parrigai was founded in 2018 and the factory is located in Guangzhou.

It all starts with a design. Each parrigai leather goods is thoughtfully engineered for fashion and functionality.


Maintain your favorite leather pieces regularly to ensure soft and supple leather.
Leather can be cleaned and restored with a regimen of leather care products designed to clean, condition and protect.
Leather Care can help maintain your product longer. We recommend conditioning your leather at a minimum of every 6 months.
If you are in a dryer (hot or cold) climate please condition your product as soon as it feels less supple, dull or faded.

Tips & Tricks:


1. Leather is susceptible to absorbing grease and oils; handle with clean hands. Repeat every 6 months or as needed to clean, condition and protect leather goods from soiling and water spotting.
2. Apply a cleaner made specifically for the leather needing maintenance. We recommend using our All-In-One Leather Solution.
3. Using a soft cotton cloth, apply approximately 1 oz. of the solution all over the leather.
4. Allow the leather to dry for at least 12 hours away from sunlight and heat.
5. When dry, buff the leather with a soft cotton cloth using a circular motion.


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