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Perfume’s Club is an online perfumery that offers products related to the world of beauty. On our virtual shop you will find the best perfumery and cosmetics brands. Perfume’s club is not an official perfume distributor but an independent seller who assures and certifies the originality of all its products. Our main purpose is to offer our consumers the best priced service counting on a highly experienced and professional team.

Perfume’s Club belongs to a family business situated in Palma de Mallorca (Beauty Luxe Distributions S.L) with more than 50 years of experience in the perfumery industry. This young team has updated the business to the current 21st century and has successfully evolved to make Perfume’s Club reach a privileged position on the Internet, receiving the E-commerce prize to the best online selling store in 2011.

We think that direct communication with our customers is essential and necessary for the products we commercialize. We are specialized on networks and blogs and we intend to give our customers the best information and show the latest novelties and news related to the world of beauty, as well as curiosities and tips. There is a Community Manager in charge of dealing with these queries and a highly qualified customer service department to give you the best possible service. We believe that it is of great importance to listen to our followers’ opinions, taking into account their taste and using that feedback to improve our service and suit the consumer.

The service provided is quite important so to make things easy for you, we offer three different payment methods: credit card, paypal and bank transfer. Our delivery period takes between 3 to 5 working days.

Perfume’s Club takes care and promotes the brand’s image of its commercialized products, especially the products presented on the website, by obtaining an optimum photography quality and other technical aspects just to keep the glamour of our beauty business. updates its graphical material frequently, just to refresh the image and be at the latest regarding novelties. You can easily find high quality perfumery and cosmetic brands alphabetically ordered on the site.

Each brand is presented with a brief historical explanation for the customer to be informed about the product’s origin and what it represents. In the cosmetic’s world, we offer all the possible uses and applications and you can require our beauty consultant service to double check the information. There is a section where our visitors can post their opinions about the offered products and exchange experiences and suggestions about usage with the only purpose of adding more information to the current and future customers.

Perfume’s Club website is serious about guarding the customer’s personal data. Our web allows users to have access, modify or delete personal data by postmail or email.

We act according to the Organic Law of Data Protection.

At Perfume’s Club, we are concerned about offering our customers the best service so far, paying special attention to their satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with our products, we comply with the Money-Back/Refund guarantee for all our website products.


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