Product MountGo


Magnetic connection and orientation freedom, with full angle tilt. The MountGo is perfect for easily mounting your espresso Display, in and out of your home.

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No clips or straps required 

Using embedded magnets, our MountGo lets you snap your espresso Display right onto the mount — holding it firm until you want to remove it and set off again. There’s even padding to prevent contact between the two aluminium surfaces, so you can avoid scratches. 

Orientation freedom with full angle tilt 

Elevate your work and rotate it too. With the MountGo, your height, tilt and rotation are completely adjustable. It’s stable without taking up too much space. And its ability to rotate to landscape or portrait makes it ideal for any type of work.  

Easy to carry and highly portable

Having the freedom to move between spaces makes a big difference. Plus, it packs flat for carrying.



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