Reason Studios

Sound pack and software for Music amateurs and professionals

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We’re a plugin (and a DAW)

Wanna add some personality to the music you make in Ableton Live, Apple Logic, FL Studio or Avid ProTools? Just use Reason as a plugin. But if you prefer to make your music in Reason (like many of the greatest producers in the world do) you can rest assured that you will always have what you need to be original and sound like you. All updates and major upgrades are included in Reason+.

Legendary instruments and effects

Our 70+ instruments and effects have been used to make countless hits – and countless unique sounds. Subscribe to Reason+ and get access to them all.

Inspiring sound packs

Get inspiration from our weekly sound packs with musical building blocks that go well together. All sounds are created in the Reason Rack – so you can change them any way you want.


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