Soundtrap – an online studio from Spotify

Collaborate with anyone, anywhere and make great music.
30 days free then a subscription service

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Soundtrap by Spotify® is an online audio creation tool that enables users to record, edit and collaborate on music and podcasts from any device – from anywhere in the world. Soundtrap is easy to use and offers powerful features that are revolutionizing the music and podcast creation process – making audio creation more collaborative than ever before.

Soundtrap product highlights (*depends on the subscription package chosen): 

  • Accessed from any web browser or through a mobile app (Chrome, iOS, and Android)
  • Remote real time collaborations – video chat in the studio
  • Unlimited amount of (cloud) storage for large projects
  • Quick record – for spontaneous ideas on the go
  • 9000+ pre recorded high quality loops
  • Transcription – edit audio by editing text
  • Antares Auto-Tune®
  • 300+ Splice Sounds
  • Multitrack recording
  • Software instruments
  • Voice recording
  • Direct upload to Spotify®
  • Ability to connect MIDI devices
  • Automation – a feature that allows creators to increase and decrease volume, pan and sweep over time
  • Soundtrap Originals and Expansion Packs with new sounds every week


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