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About Us

We believe there’s a healthier way to work. We’re passionate about transforming the conventional workspace into an active environment that supports wellness and productivity. Our commitment to wellness at work drives the design of every sit-stand workstation, height adjustable desk, mobile laptop desk, standing desk converters, ergonomic monitor mount and other indoor workout accessories we manufacture. At SpassWay, our thoughtfully designed workspace products keep you active, energized, and productive so you feel best, and do your best on the job. Because we design, manufacture, and sell directly to the consumer, we’re able to offer high-quality, affordable standing desk equipment and accessories that can be customized to fit the configuration of your facility. As we’ve done for numerous businesses – from small startups with a handful of employees to fortune 100 companies with thousands of workers – we’d love to help you refine your workstations so they support the health and vitality of both your employees and your business. Great work starts with a great workstation. Let SpassWay be your partner in building yours today.

What we do

Every day at SpassWay, we imagine, design, and bring to life ergonomic solutions that help people lead a healthier and more productive life. Our innovative R&D team is comprised of forward-thinking engineers who use the latest technology to turn their ideas into viable products that make productivity healthier in the office and home.

What we offer

Height Adjustable Desks

Our attractive height-adjustable desks deliver the full sit-stand experience for people who need a larger desktop and are okay with replacing their existing desk. We offer three affordable styles of adjustable height standing desks. Choose from our electric, manual, and pneumatic height adjustable desks to find the solution that’s right for your budget and personal preference.

Standing Desk Converters

Transform your existing desk into the ultimate sit stand desk with our wide selection of premium standing desk converters. Simply place the desktop workstation on your current desktop, and you are ready to sit or stand. Designed with an intuitive counterbalancing mechanism that provides smooth transitions when raising or lowering, our standing desk converters are the perfect choice for people who want to keep their existing desk and save time with quick assembly.

Monitor Mount

Put your LCD monitor right where you want it with the SpassWay monitor mounting arm. By raising the monitor (not included) up off your desktop, the mounting arm quickly cuts down on unnecessary clutter and increases valuable surface space. Easily adjust the mounting arm as needed to ensure comfortable viewing of your LCD monitor, which helps reduce shoulder, neck, and eye strain. Ideal for home or office use, the monitor mounting arm provides space-saving convenience and ergonomic placement of almost any LCD monitor or TV.


Our passion is Upgrade Your Work Style, Our Expert design, and bring to life ergonomic solutions that help people lead a healthier and more productive life. You can choose our accessories to make your working environment more comfortable, such as high quality Cable Management Spine, Yoga Mat, Anti Fatigue Mat, Foam Roller, Massage Gun and so on.


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