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Stop missing your team’s home games

Whether you want to stream another country’s version of Netflix, access channels from back home, or get around blackouts, StreamLocator makes it ridiculously simple. Just connect our special Hub to the one you already own and you can access geo-blocked content from any device in your home.

1. StreamLocator plugs into the router you already own.

Connect the StreamLocator Hub to any open port on your router and you’ll be ready to go. It works with all routers and doesn’t impact your network’s speed or any non-streaming activities. So you can keep using the internet just like you normally do, with one major difference.

2. It gives you a special WiFi network for streaming content from other locations.

Connect any devices you use for streaming to the network and you’ll be ready to binge away. Whether you leave your devices connected or just switch them over when you want to access geo-blocked content, StreamLocator is always on and ready to bust through barriers for you.

3.Your streaming traffic automatically goes to the right place, so you never get blocked.

Forget about constantly switching servers or changing settings based on the content you want to watch. StreamLocator handles everything in the background so you don’t have to.

If you want to access a service or channel that’s only available in one country (like BBC iPlayer), StreamLocator will route your streaming traffic through that country. For services with multiple regions (like Netflix), just select your preferred country in your online dashboard and we’ll make sure that’s the version you get.


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