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About us

SwitchBot is your Simple Switch to a Smart Home.

With easy set-up, we help you to create a comfortable home with innovative smart home products.

We believe a smart home should be simple and comfortable. With the mission of making your life simpler in the most accessible way, SwitchBot is dedicated to creating and crafting the most innovative smart home products for you.


SwitchBot Upgrades instead of Replaces.

Want a smart home?
Don’t waste. Upgrade!

SwitchBot as a brand helps to care for the environment and promote sustainability. All of our products are an easy switch from the existing one to a smart one in a mere of seconds, which save you time and money.

SwitchBot = Easy-to-setup.

Frustrated with installation?
SwitchBot is an easy switch.

When we design our product, we always make sure our installation and setup are as easy and intuitive as possible. So in this way, you don’t need any expertise and spend extra time and money to hire professionals for installation.

SwitchBot Smart Switch Button Pusher - Wireless App&Bluetooth connected or Timer Control. Remote button presser robot. Best selling Smart home gadget, add SwitchBot Hub compatible with Google Home, Alexa, HomePod, IFTTT

SwitchBot? How it all started…

This a rather straightforward story.

One night when reading before sleeping on his bed, our CEO realized that he couldn’t turn off the light and close the curtain on the bed. One thought of having a robot butler popped up to his head.

Yet, the reality is despite years of robots making the news, he had not seen a real robot in people’s homes. Thus, he formed a team and began the adventure to create a useful, simple and convenient bot.

After evaluating all kinds of self-proclaimed smart switches and curtains in the market, SwitchBot came to life as the fruit of our labor.

Years after years, we continue to innovate and expand our product line to serves as your simple robot butler in your smart home.


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