A brand new online shop dedicated to connect your most precious everyday objects in order to make your life easier and more productive.


Based in Miami, FL, The Connected Shop was founded in 2021 during the great digital acceleration with the rapid transformation towards a more interconnected world. From travel, to your home and your pets, or in a business environment, connected objects simply make a lot of things in life much easier.


Finding out the latest innovative smart devices. Testing and aggregating for you the best from our selection of available connected objects on the market. Bringing it right to your home and with an easy setup process to get you started right away.

Thanks to extensive experience in product sourcing and international supply chain. The Connected Shop gives you direct access to the most innovative connected devices and ensures you get the best smart object in each category.


Empowering your life with smart innovation. Now more than ever our home has become more polyvalent. The new office of tomorrow is already here. Traveling brings about a lot of stressful situations that could very well be simply avoided.

The need for productivity helping in making our life easier has never been greater. We strive to deliver great innovative smart objects to make our lives better.